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Submitted by seanl
  1. Oct
  2. 2010
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  • Checking your Torrent footprint

  • Changes to the copyright laws in September, have left internet account holders responsible for any infringing file sharing that occurs on their internet connection. But how do you know what sort of traffic has been registered to your account?

    Well if you have access to the logs on your sever, then you could trawl through them and compile a list if likely looking destinations...or if that isn't your thing then how about a visit to

    You have been downloading has been set up as a tongue in cheek look at the information that is available about your peer-to-peer history, but as the sites creators state "the data is ALL real"

    Interesting reading.


    To find your IP address visit

    To find out more about schools and copyright visit NetSafe's advice for schools 


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