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  2. 2010
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  • At the recent Interface Xpo conference, I saw a lot of vendors talking to schools about the advantages of cloud based computing. With this in mind I thought I'd put together a couple of cloud pieces that I've seen around the place.

    Obviously any fundamental change in a schools infrastructure comes with the potential for safety and security challenges caused by lack of understanding. I hope that by reading and sharing some of these bits, you can help head them off at the pass.

    I hope you find them useful as you begin to have conversations with staff and your community around the "how and why" of your journey into the cloud.


    How Cloud Computing works.

    A simple but comprehensive article from eHow, covers the what and how, along with some mention of Security and Privacy concerns.


    Personal Online Safety in The Cloud, from Microsoft.

    Microsofts take on staying safe while using cloud computing applications and services

    6 Half Truths about the Cloud, by Gigaom

    Exploring some of the common beliefs about what cloud computing will do for you.

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