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  • What to do re txt bullying/harassment

  • If you’re getting scary, mean, rude, or bullying texts from someone, you can report these messages to your mobile phone company. Or if you are with Vodafone you can block that number yourself. Other phone companies can send a warning message to the bully and even cut them off the network.

    To make a complaint:

    1.)    If you are with Vodafone go here to blacklist a number.


    2.)    For other phone companies, don’t reply to the messages or contact that number.  Make a list of the exact date and time you received at least four bullying or harassing messages from that person. To show that the messages are unwanted, the call list can only start from when you stopped replying.

    3.)    Call your mobile phone company’s customer service centre.

    For Telecom call 0800 809 806 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

    For TelstraClear phone 0800 299 500

    For 2degrees phone 200 from your mobile,or 0800 022 022 from your landline.

    If the messages are from someone at your school or another school talk to the deputy principal, guidance counsellor or a teacher about how they can help stop the bullying.   

    If the messages include threats to hurt you physically (like threats to “get you” or punch you, etc.) they are breaking the law. Save these messages on your phone. Show the messages to the police and ask to make a formal complaint about receiving threats on a mobile phone. Record your complaint number and contact the Police if there are further threats.

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