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  • The Bits in the Protect layer help school personnel create policies and procedures for ICT use specific to their school.

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    From Netsafe, these resources offer a  "system of policies, procedures and acceptable use agreements is one of the key components of a school cybersafety programme". Click (link) HERE to access the resources.

    Created by hazelowendmc | 0 votes | Created Sep 2010 | tags; Netsafe \"use agreements policies cybersafety \"cybersafety programme\" policy
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    This article from the Sydney Morning Herald provides a great starting point for discussions around creating digital citizens.  Should we be creating Miguel Ghulin style "walled gardens" for our students or helping them to develop the appropriate skills to harness the power of the Internet and not be enslaved by it,

    Created by dakinane | 0 votes | Created Mar 2011 | tags; Facebook social networking cyber bullying
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    A recent report (November 2011) from Symantec highlighted that 15% of teachers have experienced cyber-baiting, and 25% of teachers have formed friendships with students via social networks. There has been quite a bit of media attention around the issue, so I thought it would be a good time to highlight some work that NetSafe did last year with a group of educators around some guidelines for the use of blogs and other social media tools.

    Created by seanl | 0 votes | Created Nov 2011 | tags; blogs social media facebook policy networks
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    Created by MiriamTuohy | 5 votes | Created Oct 2010 | tags; password
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    This Microsoft  site provides  definitions of commonly used (link) security terms

    Created by nancyg | 0 votes | Created Aug 2010 | tags; security glssary
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  • Apr

    The US Federal Trade Commision has released an inforgraphic that visually highlights some of the concerns that parents have around mobile "app" for children.

    Created by seanl | 2868 views | tags; digital citizenship FTC apps app mobile
  • Feb

    As part of the latest version (V4) of the (link) NetSafe Kit for School, NetSafe have re-written the policy and use agreement template documents for schools. 

    There are 3 documents available, A Digital Citizenship policy template, a staff responsible use agreement and a student responsible use agreement. 

    Each one has been totally re-concieved from our previous version, to take intoi account our definitions for successful digital citizenship, and to enhance the LGP framework within schools.

    Created by seanl | 6726 views | tags; use agreements school digital citizenship responsible policy LGP board BOT
  • Nov

    Joanna Moorhead from the Guardian talks to schools, OFSTED and the Anti-Bullying Alliance about the state of bullying in UK schools, and how one school in particular, Passmore academy is dealing with it.

    Created by seanl | 3370 views | tags; bullying restorative justice OFSTED
  • Mar

    US School Districts dealing with technology in school and both ends of the spectrum - lock it down - frredom of speech.

    Created by chizzy | 2692 views | tags; Use agreements policies teachers school trustees procedures
  • Dec

    Changes to the copyright laws in September, have left internet account holders responsible for any infringing file sharing that occurs on their internet connection. But how do you know what sort of traffic has been registered to your account?

    Created by seanl | 3632 views | tags; torrents IP copyright
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