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  • The bits in the learn layer are comprised of classroom activities, resources and links for students.

    These bits are designed to help students understand the importance of safe and ethical behavior in cyberspace and develop the attributes of a good digital citizen.

    They can be integrated into existing classroom values programmes or across specific learning areas including Health, Social Studies, Media Studies, and English.

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  • 1316

    Teach young children why it is important not to give out too many details.

    Created by lsokimi | 1 votes | Created Aug 2012 | tags; personal details young children hector
  • 2881

    The New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft (NZFACT) was established by the Motion Picture Association to protect the film industry in New Zealand from the adverse impact of copyright theft.  They provide a number a resources from their site including:

    Created by nancyg | 0 votes | Created Aug 2010 | tags; copyright theft piracy film movie file sharing
  • 4066

    (link) Click to view Episode 1

    Created by nancyg | 1 votes | Created Aug 2010 | tags; Hector\'s World Personal details sharing
  • 2402

    Short and sweet (At just 1:40), but some wonderful thoughts from the Students of Yokohama International School in response to a simple challenge;

    Created by seanl | 0 votes | Created Jun 2012 | tags; digital citizenship video definition
  • 2263
    Created by Tammi | 2 votes | Created Oct 2010 | tags; 
  • Newly added learn resources
  • Jan

    Video from the team at You Tube about keeping safe online.  Simple video with simple practical steps for appropriate online behaviour and safety tips.  Some good discussion points for working with students.

    Created by Sharon | 2940 views | tags; Staying Safe Online Playing YouTube
  • Jan

    Firstly lets put aside for a second, the fact that this video is made with the help of money from Dove cosmetics. The arguments behind the efficacy of "real beauty" campaigns or the validity of a cosmetic giant's interest in this is for another place.

    What "Selfie" is in this context, is 7 minutes of video that explores the role social media and the self image has in the definition of beauty, and our own idea's of what we should and shouldn't look like.

    I think this is a useful video to begin a discussion around citizenship in terms of how we use it to interact with each other, and how we might begin to look at "relating to others in positive, meaningful ways" (NetSafe Digital Citizenship definitions)

    Created by seanl | 2865 views | tags; self image selfie beauty dove positive relate
  • Jan

    digital ethics

    Created by alimcg | 3793 views | tags; digital literacy ethics rights consumer digital citizen
  • Jan

    In (link) this article from the UK's "The Guardian" Singapore based teacher Holly Fairbrother describes a classroom activity where she uses a paper analogue of blogging with students to explore the digital citizenship values behind connecting, commenting and sharing using a paper model of blogging.

    Created by seanl | 3731 views | tags; blogging citizenship paper
  • Nov

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the internet. Not a thing. Except maybe that you will watch it in your browser. But what it is, is a story that really pushes home one of the fundamental messages of [Digital] Citizenship. 

    We all have a right to be ourselves, and when we see someone rights being infringed apon, we can all do something to help put an end to it. For a long time the message of bystander action around online bullying has been talked about, we all accept its importance, but here is a group of children, taking some action for themselves to change the life of someone they care about.

    Perhaps next time the subject of cyber bullying comes up in your classroom, and you are looking for a a way to focus attention around the importance of what we do when we see it happening, you can take a look at Danny's story.

    Created by seanl | 2882 views | tags; bullying bystanders help support
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