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  • The Bits in the Guide layer will help educators integrate the concepts of digital citizenship across all learning areas.

    They promote staff, student and community discussion and can help create a common understanding of effective and safe use of technologies in the school community.

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    After much pestering by my kids, I have recently set up a minecraft server from home so that a they can play minecraft with their friends online. Part of the motivation came from watching them play on larger public servers and being aware that the wide age range of players involved in those games led to some challenging moments online.

    What has occured to me whilst setting up the server with them, and then observing them playing...ok I admit it, playing with them, is that there are a number of really useful opportunities to discuss digital citizenship with them as we go. From security in opening up the ports on our firewall, to managing inapprorite language and player interaction.

    Created by seanl | 0 votes | Created Nov 2012 | tags; minecraft citizenship edu minecraftedu learning
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    An example of a possible (link) code of conduct that you could adapt for use with your students (download as a (link) .pdf).

    Created by hazelowendmc | 0 votes | Created Sep 2010 | tags; \"code of conduct\" pledge consequences agreement
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    You don't have to search far to find an impassioned discussion going on around human rights and the internet. Often the focus of discussion is around article 19 of the declaration of human rights, the right to freedom of expression. 

    Created by seanl | 0 votes | Created Nov 2012 | tags; human rights internet
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    The Digizen site  based in the UK offers  material on Barriers and Risks to Exploiting Social Networking in Education

    Created by nancyg | 0 votes | Created Aug 2010 | tags; social networking discussion
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    The Hector's World Website provides information about cybersafety for  parents of young children aged 2-9. The site offers resources and discussion points designed to  help parents  and caregivers gain confidence in guiding a young person's use of technology.

    Created by nancyg | 1 votes | Created Sep 2010 | tags; parents hector young home caregivers
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  • Mar

    A potential focus actiity around digital footprint. This blog links to the story of a young girl who's social media outburst led to a breach of a court order, and the loss of a fairly substantial payout, but also tries to provide a quick answer to the question;

    Created by seanl | 6009 views | tags; digital footprint parents citizenship
  • Nov

    The very idea of the Guide layer in the LGP model recognises the role that all guides play in suporting young people as they aquire the necessary skills to become succesful digital citizens. WHen we talk about guides it is easy to simply place teachers into that role (guides on the side) and put the onous on them to increase their skill and confidence levels in supporting young people. 

    But the idea of guides has always tried to encompass all guides, teachers, community leaders, peers and particularly parents.

    When you consider the amount of time that young people spend online outside of school, it seems obvious that parents as highly important in the guiding process.

    But where do parents go to improve their knowledge, to build there confidence? Research carried out by the ACMA in Australia identified that parents see the best channel for this type of support is direct from schools, or at least recommended by schools that their children are attending.

    This short list of suggestions, is a series of managable, "bite sized" chunks of digital citizenship advice written by expert practitioners that schools can feed out to their community to try and help in this learning process. Perhaps their is something here that appeals to you, or seems to support what you are trying to do in your school.

    Created by seanl | 3614 views | tags; digital citizenship parents schools support
  • Jun

    Here at NetSafe we have been gaving a few conversations about Snapchat. There appears to be some confusion as to what it does, how it works and wether is poses any threat to young people.

    Created by seanl | 4855 views | tags; snapchat parents guide how-to safety social network photo
  • Apr

    A thought provoking article that talks about the role of social media both acutely and downstream of major events. It references how students learned from and then interacted with the news of the Boston Bombing online rather than via "traditional" media

    Created by seanl | 2772 views | tags; citizenship disaster terrorism social media boston
  • Jan

    Each time NetSafe gets together with groups of teachers, there is invariably a discussion around Facebook and its use in the classroom. Put any group of educators together and you are likely to have a range of opinions from whole hearted support for the social network, to those who feel that it has no place inside a classroom.

    Created by seanl | 2433 views | tags; facebook classroom learning social media networks
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