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A blog from Mary Beth Hertz in "The Journal" ( where she talks about the "dangers" of not allowing children to access to technology in school that surrounds them outside of school.

2675 views | Created Apr 2012 | tags; digital citizenship teaching fear stranger danger
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This is a ted talk from Ted Global 2010 by Tom Chatfield, game theorist and author  of Fun Inc.

2120 views | Created Nov 2010 | tags; Games gaming reward TEDTalks TED Tom Chatfield
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At the recent (link) Interface Xpo conference, I saw a lot of vendors talking to schools about the advantages of cloud based computing. With this in mind I thought I'd put together a couple of cloud pieces that I've seen around the place.

2660 views | Created Jun 2011 | tags; cloud computing infrastructure networks safety security SAAS intranet LMS
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There seems to be a feeling amongst some adults that young people have no concept of privacy, and no understanding of the issues that opening up private information into public networks can have.

2491 views | Created Jun 2011 | tags; privacy social networks network facebook
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The (link) O(link) ffice of the Children's Commissioner release this report in 2009. This is an excellent, and comprehensive look into Bullying and Violence in schools from a child's perspective. The Commissioner decided to undertake the research after a number of high profile events that had occurred in schools;

2691 views | Created Jul 2011 | tags; bullying txt cyberbullying cyberbully violence culture
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(link) The Australian Communications and Media Authority as part of its (link) Cybersmart programme have produced a unit of work focusing directly on sexting.

2792 views | Created Jul 2011 | tags; sxting sexting units cybersmart
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A document written by Larry Magid and Anne Collier. They describe the document as 

2768 views | Created Aug 2011 | tags; facebook connectedsafely larry magid anne collier parental parents parent guide social networking
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September 1st will see changes to the copyright act. The changes could have significant implications for schools.

2705 views | Created Aug 2011 | tags; copyright infringing file sharing torrents peer-to-peer peer bittorrent
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As part of the re-vamp of our (link) NetSafe Kit for Schools we are taking a look at acceptable use agreements, and how they are used in NZ schools. We are aware that many school use our use agreement templates as the starting point for their own use agreements, but what do they look like when they are finished.

2326 views | Created Nov 2011 | tags; uap use agreement cybersafety citizenship acceptable use agreements
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A recent report (November 2011) from Symantec highlighted that 15% of teachers have experienced cyber-baiting, and 25% of teachers have formed friendships with students via social networks. There has been quite a bit of media attention around the issue, so I thought it would be a good time to highlight some work that NetSafe did last year with a group of educators around some guidelines for the use of blogs and other social media tools.

6163 views | Created Nov 2011 | tags; blogs social media facebook policy networks
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