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The description from the site ((link) Ofsted) reads as follows:

2895 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; "small-scale survey" "effective practice" UK guidelines examples training
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Safeguarding in a digital world: Guidance for learning providers

2759 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; BECTA guides managers learners parents teachers "technical staff"
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This BBC podcast features an interview with child psychologist Dr Tanya Byron, who talks about online safety.

2477 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; podcast "child psychologist" psychology "online safety" experiences
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VIDEO: Highly recommended - the description from the site reads:

4123 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; "secondary school" "year 9 " scenarios "social networking" privacy "information sharing" parents "parental awareness evenings"
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From Netsafe, these resources offer a  "system of policies, procedures and acceptable use agreements is one of the key components of a school cybersafety programme". Click (link) HERE to access the resources.

2714 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; Netsafe "use agreements policies cybersafety "cybersafety programme" policy
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(link) VIDEO: This video covers the tricky subject of inadvertent bullying and how schools can address it. The description from the site reads:

2392 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; video cyberbullying secondary "secondary school"
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(link) VIDEO: The description from the site reads "Cyberbulling is an issue for staff and pupils at both primary and secondary level.

2604 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; video cyberbullying primary secondary emails "chat rooms" "text messaging"
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(link) VIDEO: The description from the site reads "At Bradon Forest School, Purton, a drama is played out in a PSHE lesson, depicting a cyber bully accused of posting a picture online without consent. ICT is also used to help create storyboards.

2595 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; cyberbullying video "role play" drama parents guidance "mobile phones" primary storyboards "lesson ideas"
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(link) This web site helps  secondary students explore their own beliefs about  where to draw the line with face to face and online behaviors. It provides a platform for young people to talk to  each other about what is appropriate in respectful behaviors.

2348 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; trust respect online communication relationships secondary respect Australia communication trust gender courtesy
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BLOG POST / VIDEOS: These are are a series of (link) Digital Citizenship video resources from Hoover, Alabama Schools and Common Sense Media. There are descriptions around what each video contains and how long it is.

2569 views | Created Sep 2010 | tags; video "digital citizenship" sexting texting
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