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Globster poster  

1625 views | Created Oct 2010 | tags; Starter Disscussion Issues
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There are many games on the Internet designed to teach about cyber safety. (link) Google provides a starting point  students and teachers, however, need a more extensive listing and evaluation than this. The activity involves students playing and evaluating cyber safety games. 

1844 views | Created Nov 2010 | tags; Games Evaluation
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Cyber bully viruses are an ugly bunch. The students play an online game and are then asked, in groups, to produce a poster on one of the viruses. They are required to name them, describe the symptoms and a possible cure.  The viruses are “Onlookerosis” “Slaggermania” "Commentitis” “forwarditis” “Gang-Green” and “Hasslenza”. All fairly common in cyber space.

2179 views | Created Nov 2010 | tags; Cyber Bullies