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This YouTube video is a slidecast.  It gives simple tips and instructions aimed at teens to help them stay safe online. 

3022 views | Created Mar 2011 | tags; teen safety online
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Students need to learn that the Internet is a very public place and as such once something is posted online, they lose all control over that content.  They have no idea who has a copy of what has been posted and it is impossible to take back content, once posted.  They need to thnk before they post.

2607 views | Created Mar 2011 | tags; posting online student think before post
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Powerful video showing how easy it is to be duped online through sharing too much information.  Thought provoking video that should generate discussion with students

22584 views | Created Mar 2011 | tags; CEOP Think you know
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Video from the team at You Tube about keeping safe online.  Simple video with simple practical steps for appropriate online behaviour and safety tips.  Some good discussion points for working with students.

2369 views | Created Mar 2011 | tags; Staying Safe Online Playing YouTube
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This collaborative mind map has been created by the staff at Pukekohe North school.  The staff are starting to explore what digital citizenship might mean not only for the students; but for the staff, the institution of the school and the wider community.  You can (link) view the map here.  You can also view the Digital Citizenship page that the map is embeded on as part of the(link) Pukekohe Cluster wiki.

2879 views | Created Mar 2011 | tags; mind map collaboration Pukekohe North ICTPD Pukekohe Cluster
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This article from the Sydney Morning Herald provides a great starting point for discussions around creating digital citizens.  Should we be creating Miguel Ghulin style "walled gardens" for our students or helping them to develop the appropriate skills to harness the power of the Internet and not be enslaved by it,

6113 views | Created Mar 2011 | tags; Facebook social networking cyber bullying
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This post claims to provide the world's simplest social media policy.  Whether it is or not is for schools to decide.  However what it does do is provide a checklist that could be the kernel of a procedure document for those schools who decide to embrace social media tools as part of their e-learning armoury and want students to be aware of the potential future consequences of their posts.

2254 views | Created Mar 2011 | tags; social media strategy procedure consequences
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Please rob me is a site that tracks where you are not via Twitter, it is a live stream and is good to show students who are only too willing to share the wrong information...  Creepy is an App that tracks your images and locations shared via Foursquare and other GPS services on SN sites.

2427 views | Created Apr 2011 | tags; 
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I have been advising teachers in all of the schools that I work in to create a clear boundary between their private and professional lives online.  I have also been advising schools to set these expectations and to consider the appropriate procedures around staff, social networks and the parents and students of a school.  (link) This article relating to this years NUT conference in the UK only serves to highlight the importance that schools and individual teachers heed this advice.

6628 views | Created Apr 2011 | tags; Facebook teachers students parents friends social networks procedures
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This blog post provides some interesting questions and practical tips for those who have a Facebook page and want to use it with their students.

2259 views | Created May 2011 | tags; Facebook
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