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learn Layer

NetSafe's film, At a Distance, is a unique drama documentary created and  filmed in New Zealand.

3334 views | Created Oct 2010 | tags; bullying cyberbullying bystander film video
learn Layer

Although this site contains other internet safety information we are focussing on cyberbullying.

2489 views | Created Oct 2010 | tags; cyberbullying
guide Layer

A powerful video to music about bullying in general with solutions. This will be an introduction to brainstorming about ways to be a hero based on school and cyber situations.

2073 views | Created Oct 2010 | tags; bullying cyberbullying
guide Layer

An easy to create comic strip with click to choose characters and settings. Choose a cyberbullying problem to deal with. Use speech bubbles to help your characters talk their way out of a problem.

2358 views | Created Oct 2010 | tags; cyberbullying bullying comic