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MyLGP Bits
  • MyLGP is a series of resources that help schools to implement a comprehensive Digital Citizenry programme.

    These resources, or BITS, as we call them, are divided across the three layers of the Learn, Guide, Protect framework. (You can read more about the LGP framework here)

    In keeping with the LGP framework, MyLGP is deliberately designed to be customisable to best address the particular needs, circumstances and expectations of your school community.  It provides you with resources to build a cybersafety programme that is appropriate to your schools context and can maximise local resources and opportunities. 

    MyLGP bits come in all shapes and sizes, from case studies to fully fledged on-line applications. Bits are created by a range of individuals and organisations, and anyone with a MyLGP account can create a bit. Every bit is fully searchable and can be rated and commented on by other MyLGP users.

    Take a look through the bits and see what's already available, and if you've got something to add, why not make your own bit.

  • Learn Bits
  • Bits focused on educating students to develop positive, ethical behaviours in cyberspace. Read more ...
  • Guide Bits
  • Bits focused on professional learning resources and lesson activities for educators to teach digital citizenry and to create a positive school culture of digital citizenship. Read More ...
  • Protect Bits
  • Bits focussed on Technology, infrastructure, and school developed policy that supports the establishment of a safe and secure technology environment. Read More ...
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  • Take a look at the top bit makers in myLGP