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How do I use myLGP?

MyLGP provides access to content that can be used to build staff and student education programmes that meet a school’s or teacher’s specific requirements.

Each piece of content is called a ‘bit’. Bit are different from a lesson plan or a resource. They are elements a teacher can combine together to best meet the needs of his or her students.

In myLGP you can:

  • search the growing database for ‘bits’ and combine them to build an ongoing education programme for staff and students,
  • comment on ‘bits’ already listed in myLGP 
  • recommend myLGP bits to others.

Once you create your own log-in and profile in myLGP, you can

  • add your own bits
  • create a collection of bits. A collection groups bits together around a particular topic, issue, value, competency or age group. This makes it easier for you or other users to find and use bits that are related.

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  • A potential focus actiity around digital footprint. This blog links to the story of a young girl who's social media outburst led to a breach of a court order, and the loss of a fairly substantial payout, but also tries to provide a quick answer to the question;

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